A video has shown what is said to be a UFO breaking up a Chemtrail as it moves throughout the sky upwards. The video was uploaded to YouTube on November 17, but it was said to have been taken in October. READ MORE:

BRIGHT SHINING UFO ERASES CHEMTRAIL CLOUD In the video, you can see a bright white UFO which is in the clouds, and it just sits there for a few seconds and looks similar to a bright white shining star.

It then seems to disperse the cloud when it rises. The video has gone viral, and in just over 12 hours it has managed to get more than 3,000 views. Many people have commented on the YouTube video, and many people believe that the footage is genuine and this is a genuine sighting of a UFO.

One man said that the footage was awesome as it shows not just a UFO flying through the sky but also how that UFO interacts with the region around it. Another person commented on the site and said that he had personally witnessed a UFO erasing a chemical cloud as it made its way through it.

There are others who are not so convinced that what they saw was an actual UFO. One commenter said that it was a very good fake. Some people did point out that they had seen a craft that looked very similar to this one and it was hovering over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Jenny Morrison from Australia said that she had been taking a photograph of the sunset over the Great Barrier Reef and managed to capture the UFO but only realized it when she was looking over the photographs much later.

She said she had seen an orb-like craft that was bright and it moved slowly over the screen in many photographs that she had taken of the sun setting over Fitzroy Island. The mysterious UFO then seemingly vanished in later pictures. CNN ADMITS CHEMTRAILS EXIST READ MORE:





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