Scientists Confirms the Existence of God


Scientists and atheism are almost said to be on the same line.

Being a scientists mean that you believe on the rational grounds with empirical evidences. To accept the reality the scientist performs experiments and only in the light of such experiment he accepts or denies the fact.

The existence of God on the other hand is metaphysical reality and in the book of science there’s no place for such metaphysical terms. The debatable topic in the religion is the existence of God, whether God exists or not.

For centuries scientists are negating the reality of God but now with the advancements in the field of study the scientists are affirming the Reality of God.

The reason behind this acceptance is many, scientists accepts the fact the there is a purpose behind everything and this vast universe is made up of a supreme purpose by all intelligent Being.

The concept of God as accepted by the scientists adds more to the reality of God. As scientist has accepted that God exists this results in the fact that they have observed such fact under the light of experiments. Now this is something very interesting to trace the evidences which compelled the scientists to believe in the existence of God.




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