We live in a fabricated world.

We are living in a world where everything is rigged and every American institution is sold out and corrupted, along with being rigged in favor of the big business and big government. Paul Craig Roberts said that America is a lost country and the corruption of private institutions and public ones is complete and there is nothing but tyranny and endless lies.

The Associated Press, CNN and Reuters are all shamelessly promoting big lies over every sector of society and this includes vaccines, elections, GMOs and politics. The federal government is incapable of doing anything else but lies and they have corrupted the whole realm of science as they pull the strings of funding through the NSF and National Institute of Health.


He went on to say that the whole of the FDS is corrupt, along with the USDA, with both of them functioning as marketing propaganda pushers from the Big Biotech and Big Pharma. Facebook, Google and Twitter are also rigged and they censor the voice and do not want people to hear when they are highlighting the lies of the establishment that they want to promote.

He said that when he talks about everything being rigged, he means everything. All of the official sources are said to constantly lie about anything and everything. They weave illusions to push a narrative that is rooted in fiction, including no Islamic terrorists and telling people that carbon dioxide is poisoning the planet.


Sanity and voices of reason are silenced and only the irrational most insane voices are allowed to get magnified through media. The same is said to be true about sciences and real science is said to be all but dead thanks to political agendas. Propaganda has obliterated all facts and facts do not have a place in debate and anyone who invokes facts is them silenced, shamed, fired, bullied on social media or expelled from schools.

People who try to invoke facts about things such as actual statistics about police shooting are told that they are just part of the problem due to the fact that they have the wrong attitude when it comes to social justice. Each government branch is said to be weaponized against people and then used as a tool against political enemies who then make threats to the status quo, the FDA, IRS, DEA, EPA and similar.

Science has been distorted and is now absurd politically motivated conclusions about everything the government uses in order to be able to control the masses. This includes climate change, vaccines, flu shots, GMOs, fluoride, carbon dioxide and more. Each branch of the medicine has been hijacked by globalist agendas to ensure that medicine does not in fact make people healthier, cognitively capable of being able to think for themselves or more alert.

Each and every item of news that is reported from official sources has been distorted to the point where it is insane and turns away facts while at the same time attacks those who could offer something constructive to the world. An example being, when Clinton was given clearance by the FBI, when she had been indicted by the facts that were presented by the FBI.

All voices that speak the truth are silenced and then taken over by distracting and meaningless babble or tribal sports competitions such as the Rio Olympics that are meaningless. The whole point, to dumb down the population to reach the point of cultural lunacy. True reports that are said to contradict the official stories given are censored and this occurred with Michael Savage who was blocked from Facebook when he posted a story that was true about an illegal alien committing murder in the USA.

The emotions of people are being used as weapons for manipulation of the masses. A radical Muslim dad tried to bring Sharia Law to the US and he attacked Trump expressing loss for his soldier son and became an instant celebrity and was praised by being courageous and speaking out. Everything, everywhere is rigged, food companies are corrupt, public universities, the FDA, banks, singers, energy and oil industries and more, even Hollywood, is all rigged.

When considering where all of this might head you should look at Communist China, a country where all independent news is outlawed. Political prisoners have organs harvested so as to enrich the black market organ traders and one out of three citizens is said to be a secret spy, snitching on friends. Hillary Clinton is one embodiment of totalitarianism and the perfect fit for government corruption.

If Clinton had become president of the United States, the US would have been gone forever and in its place would be a regime of totalitarians that did nothing but violate the RICO Act. If the biased media is a system that is entirely rigged then censorship on Facebook along with the search result manipulations of Google will end up putting the USA most terrifying political criminal into the White House at some point and then it will be the end of the US as we know it.




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